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"Pianist with technique, temperament, and real personality…her Chopin is full-blooded without heaviness, and she storms through the finale of the B-minor Sonata with real temperament”

     Harold C. Schonberg, American Record Guide and former NY Times chief critic

"Chung gives the sonata a richly detailed and expressive account, savouring the intimate writing with the same purposeful intensity she applies to the extrovert gestures...poetic and generous playing."


“Sang Mi Chung, ‘A Great Pianist’, does what so few accomplish: her Mendelssohn is Mendelssohn; her Haydn is Haydn; her Chopin - Chopin.  In short she has a rare understanding of idiom.  With this said, this artist also communicates.”   

     David Dubal, Author of “The Art of the Piano”, The Juilliard faculty

"Gorgeous sound and clarity...breathtaking in its pacing.”

     American Record Guide

“Exceptionally resonant sound…Chung’s tone sparkled…elegantly musical.”

     The Philadelphia Inquirer


“Pianist of great strength and precision…astonishing legato…romantic grace and energy…bracing and exciting.”

     Classical New Jersey


“She is plainly an artist of temperament and distinction...tasteful sophistication.”

     New York Concert Review


“Knockout performance…magnificent virtuoso…delectable runs and legato with generous helpings of color.”

     Los Angeles Times


“Outstanding, she was alert, flexible and wonderfully precise…technically dazzling.”

     Palm Beach Daily News


“Exquisite playing, Ms. Chung’s pianism, though she is capable of big sound where she needs it, is marked by delicacy, flexibility and refinement.”

     The Globe-Times, Bethlehem, Pa


“She is both a passionate performer and completely in control of her instrument…pure and lovely.”

     Kay McLain, Cue Magazine


“Commanding and authoritative.”

     New York Concert Review


“SangMi Chung’s touch in these works is reassuringly firm, giving the pieces just that sense of spontaneity and freshness they need to lift them above any sense of academic duty.”

     Classics Online


“Beauty of tone…the middle movement is gorgeous”

     Music Web International




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